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          <rev user="Guido Moonen" timestamp="2011-08-30T09:43:32Z" comment="" xml:space="preserve">The OpenSpace-Project.

It is currently converted to a 2D project. And the space-station build part will be looking alot like the old
Space Rogue game (And then the space stations in that game)

Firstly I will concentrate on the building of a space station part.

This project will try to create a game/simulation of a solar-system where players can
trade / fight / build / do whather they want.

Some special things I want to support:
* Multiple Servers to where you can go using &quot;jump points&quot;
* Players should be able to mine/trade for materials.
* Create Space stations / Jump points / Space objects using materials
* Fight with each other or created objects
* Factions to support each others
* NPC which can help protect / transport / trade / build your system.  
* Open everything from sources to protocol. so everybody can contribute / help.

So this is just a &quot;hobby&quot;-project of mine, so developement is not always full throttle.

Current developers:
* Guido Moonen (Main developer)

[[User:Guido Moonen|Guido Moonen]]</rev>